Unltdindia’s story

May 5, 2018 all-day
Unltdindia's story

Unltd India is a launchpad for passionate individuals whose ideas can translate into long-term solutions for India’s socio-economic problems. Their mission is to find, support and grow early-stage social entrepreneurs who can build high-impact organisations and grow as catalysts for social change. Unltd India recently made a film showcasing 4 startups to commemorate their decade long incubation program. We are proud to be featured in this film. Developing a new technology is one thing we were experienced at. But being entrepreneurs was a completely different ball game. We were blessed to have #unltdindia hold our hand and walk with us. We are grateful for the mentorship and support.
Happy to be a part of Unltdindia’s story!
Do watch the film on the link provided.

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