At Bioprime we are investing in Research & Development for developing effective & affordable new age Agri biologicals with time-proven biomolecules, life-friendly chemistry, smart material and energy use. Next generation Ag biologicals – doing it the nature’s way! Bioprime develops alternative bio organic and sustainable solutions for crop improvement, nutrition and protection. These miracles of nature that are delivered to you by Bioprime ensure sustainable crops despite the growing impact of climate change and crop losses.

The working approach is based on plant physiology and plant’s signaling responses.

Innovative raw materials, especially botanical extracts, compounds of vegetal origin and plant associated microbes to combine agronomic efficacy with environmental sustainability; High-tech manufacturing processes, to maintain activity of microbes and properties of plant extracts and natural molecules unaltered

Robust Agronomic evaluation in all agro climatic conditions to ensure the highest standards of safety and effectiveness in all agricultural contexts.

New frontiers in Ag biologicals are brought to you by two technologies developed by Bioprime

  1. SNIPR
  2. Bio-nexus