Bioprime is an emerging advanced Agri-biotechnology company working to bring out disruptive Innovation based products and services in this field. We have built-in expertise in a range of Agri-sectors. We work with small and large plant breeding companies as well as organizations conducting basic research.

Our team has a diverse and strong Research background in fields like Biotechnology, Physiology, Pathology, Agro Chemistry, Agronomy, Natural Product Chemistry etc.

We provide need based, customized solutions and services to clients, and undertake contract research in above said areas.

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Cell technology and tissue culture services

Technical service highlights

BioPrime Agrisolutions Pvt Ltd offers plant cell and tissue culture based services to help your plant breeding activities and research initiatives. Our facility is well equipped to carry out any tissue culture based activity that can be used for plant propagation, plant improvement and commercial research.

What we offer

Bioprime scientists have over 15 years of experience in plant biotechnology.  With our expertise in plant cell & tissue technologies, we can work with you to produce tissue culture-derived plants, perform proof-of-concept experiments, develop or optimize tissue culture protocols. Our services are of special benefit to plant breeders where we can assist in accelerating and enhancing breeding programs, generating novel combination in parental lines, achieving homozygosity or propagating desirable genotypes, and can be used for basic research or practical application. Biotechnology based services encompass doubled haploidy, genetic engineering, suspension cultures, somatic embryogenesis, in vitro selection, micropropagation and regeneration.