At Bioprime Agrisoultions Pvt Ltd we have expertise in commercial plant tissue culture with collective experience of more than 20 years. Our strengths encompass Doubled haploidy, Genetic transformation, Organ & suspension cultures, Somatic embryogenesis, Regeneration and Micropropagation, In vitro secondary metabolite production and In vitro mutagenesis and selection. Services are useful for various agri sectors such as seed companies, nurseries, small scale plant tissue culture companies, pharmaceutical/neutraceutical manufacturing units.

  • Plant Breeding Support:
    1. Embryo-rescue
      In many plants, commercially interesting traits are only present in wild relatives. Unfortunately, crosses between species and wild relatives do not always lead to seed development because the embryo is aborted in an early stage of development. Tissue-culture techniques can be used to rescue the embryos and thus obtaining plants.
    2. Haplodization and Polyploidization
      Homozygous lines are required for the production of hybrids. These lines can be obtained via 6-8 cycles of inbreeding. Complete homozygous breeding lines can also be obtained by culturing micro-spores or ovules. Another advantage of such plants is the expression of potential interesting new traits which then can be used for breeding purposes.

    Plants with a doubled chromosome number often have larger leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds. Also characteristics as compact growth, resistance to drought, stress and diseases can be altered in plants with a doubled chromosome number. Polyploidization can also break breeding barriers.
    Apart from this in vitro mutagenesis and selection is also important tool to accelerate breeding. This is really helpful attribute to accelerate breeding programme.
    With our expertise in plant cell & tissue technologies, we can work to produce tissue culture-derived plants, perform proof-of-concept experiments and develop tissue culture protocols to cater plant breeding sector.

  • Plants for secondary metabolites production: Plants contains array of chemicals having therapeutic values. In vitro cultures of medicinal plants can be developed for continues production of secondary metabolites of medicinal properties. Cell/callus/organs/hairy root cultures can be initiated and explored for production of secondary metabolites therapeutic/neutraceutical value.
  • Micrpropagation: Protocol optimization, light regime optimization, cost cutting, troubleshooting are the sectors where we can offer reliable solutions to customers to make micropropagation process commercially viable.

Our facility is well equipped to carry out any tissue culture based activity that can be used for plant improvement, plant propagation and commercial research.