PRIME 7525

What is Prime 7525?

Bioprime’s Prime 7525 advanced complex blend of naturally derived biomolecules that act as a super charger along with seaweed extracts.

Why use Prime 7525?

Prime 7525 helps in increase of foliage along with inducing more flowering and ultimately fruit conversion. It helps to get uniform fruit size and weight with uniform harvesting every plucking.

  1. It improves nutrient uptake of the crop, which enhances growth.
  2. Increase in foliage, enhances photosynthesis.
  3. Induces more flowering, enhances flower to fruit conversion.
  4. Uniform fruit size, increases quality of harvest, increases yield.
  5. Biodegradable and residue free. Environmentally safe, no residue on plants and soil.

Who can use Prime 7525?

Beneficial in seedling nurseries. Useful for all field crops, all vegetables, all flowering plant, all orchards sugarcane, etc.


What is the specified dosage?

Spray - 2ml/Litre | 500ml per acre -vegetables/field crops, 700ml - 1Litre per acre - orchards/floriculture
Drip - 1 Litre per acre


When to use Prime 7525?

First dose- after 15 days of sowing or transplanting
Second dose- within 25 - 30 days of sowing or transplanting
Third dose- at onset of flowering

Advanced complex blend of naturally derived bio molecules and sea weed extract.

Improves Foliage, Increase flowering, Higher flower to fruit conversion, Uniform & increased yield.

Growth Booster, Flower Enhancer, Yield Booster.

Testimonials from Farmers

Prime Fortisea is growth booster and protects crop from stress.

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    Field Performance

    Prime Fortisea promotes vegetative growth, improves crop vigour. It induces white roots with better nutrient absorption, builds resistance against stress. Helps in boost growth and yield. Useful for all vegetables, fruits, cereals, pluses & cash crops.

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