Long lasting co-operations that help your crops reach its true potential!

Nature of technology: the prebiotics and probiotics of plants!

Microbes from long lasting co-operations with plants conferring them with acquired traits that dictate the fitness and survival of plants. These acquired traits manifest in a short period in the crop and can also be transmitted to the next generation, ensuring productivity despite the growing impact of climate change and crop losses/ unlocking true potential of your farms.

All plants establish symbiotic relationships with microorganisms that dictates the fitness and survival of the plant. The wealth of these microbiota affects all aspects of the plant fitness like adaptation, survival, development, growth and reproduction and also evolution. The changes the diversity of microbiota can confer the plant acquired traits like drought tolerance, disease resistance, enhanced yields to name a few. These acquired traits can not only benefit the crop in the short term but also can be transmitted to the next generation and lead to long lasting cooperations, The potential application of these microbes is vast ranging from being used in field as prebiotics and probiotics for crops to seed treatments and being incorporated in breeding programs



We are just beginning to explore the vast world of biologicals. With nature as our guiding principle, we are striving to bring the best nature’s miracles to our farmers. Our scientists will offer newer state of the art technologies in future. We are committed in providing a plethora of sustainable choices to the farmers that will redefine agriculture.