Responsible for direction, vision, strategy and the accomplishment of ultimate goals, our founders lead fearlessly. They tirelessly seek to promote the success of the company for the benefit of all its members as a whole. They have set out on mission to make available the best scientific advancements to every farmer. A mission they would achieve based on integrity and highest quality in any product or service delivered by Bioprime.


Our highly motivated R&D Division comes with over 25 years of experience with the right balance of skills and aptitudes with expertise in wide areas like agronomy, molecular modelling, bioinformatics, computational analysis, chemistry, biotechnology and biology etc. Team not only generates innovative ideas, but also transfers these newly created concepts through the organizational system for economic gain through collaboration, communication with sales and on ground team. We have a inclusive and adaptive culture towards research development for which cooperate closely with Universities and Research Institutes all over the world.

Marketing Team

Our uniquely collaborative and passionate people work alongside our clients every step of the way—caring more, telling it like it is—to deliver maximum benefit. Enthusiasts from start to finish, our marketing team is wired for matching people to the products that can improve their lives. Responsible for design, messaging, and getting the word out, they seek maximum impact and effectiveness for our customers. Their positive, can-do spirit is equaled only by their steadfast work ethic.

Operations Team

With a pulse on companies all endeavors, the Operations Team ensures the integrity of company processes from production to sales. Our Customer support, Logistic and Executive Support departments fall under the Operations umbrella, and together they work in maintinaing efficiency and excellence in all on-the-ground operations. They coordinate logistics, people, and places with mastery.

Join Our Team

Interested in joining our team? If you work with us, you can dig deep into your desired specialty and grow personally and professionally. Visit our careers page to find out what positions are currently available.

Renuka Diwan

Dr Renuka Diwan, has completed her PhD in Plant Sciences from University of Pune. She has also done her post doc in genetic engineering in collaboration with Cambia, a Australian company. She was worked extensively on bioactives for over 13 years and has a patent filed for large scale production of a certain class of metabolites. She is responsible for development and high throughput screening of bioactives. She also has over 15 years of experience in plant tissue culture and designs lab/field tests. She has published 12 research papers in peer reviewed journals

Shekhar Bhosale

Dr Shekhar Bhosale, a PhD in Botany from university of Pune, specializes in mycology and bioactive compounds form fungi. He is in-charge of trials on mushroom production. He also designs and monitors lab testing/ field testing for disease resistance. He as developed a technology for mass production of fungal polysachrides with nutracuetical and agriculture significance.

Dr.Amit Shinde

Dr Amit Shinde, is a PhD in Plant sciences from University of Pune with over 10 years of experience in bioactives and commercial PTC. He helps in developing bioactives. He is responsible for green house tests. He has published over 15 papers in peer reviewed journals. He also has extensive experience on commercial plant propagation.