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At BioPrime AgriSolutions Pvt Ltd, we are scripting success stories for agriculture, horticulture by bringing disruptive innovations in Products as well as Services to improve and transform agriculture. BioPrime’s goal is to offer relief to farmers worldwide, struggling with crop loss, temperature fluctuations, drought, resilient insects and diseases. To achieve this we are developing effective & affordable Agri biologicals with time-proven biomolecules, life-friendly chemistry, smart material and energy use. Our HRF-DH technology, SNIPR technology platform, BioNexus technology platform has received national and international recognition from Singapore, Cambridge etc. Next generation ag biologicals – doing it the nature’s way!

The company has been awarded the prestigious Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) & Seed fund from BIRAC, DBT, Govt of India for developing new sustainable solutions in Agriculture. Bioprime is DIPP recognized Start up and among the 84 starts ups that have received clearance from the Intra Ministerial Committee under the Start-up India program. The company is supported by BIRAC, DBT, Govt of India, Venture Center. NCL Biotech Business Incubator, RICH, Telangana Govt, Unltd India.


Focus Areas


Prime 7525

A bioactive consortium with nano components for active growth and over all development.

Prime Fortisea

A bioactive consortium with nano components for active growth and over all development.

Prime Verdant

A bioactive consortium with nano components for active growth and over all development.

Prime Fast 10

An advanced complex blend of naturally derived essential minerals & nutrients that act as a super charger.


  • Team of young aspirants developed innovative products that find its true elements in the agriculture system. I always rejoice to hear the quality products of BioPrime Agri-Solutions that involves integration of evolutionary and biological processes to enhance the yield without causing harm to environment and to the health of farmer and consumer.
    Agri innovations from Bioprime will surely transform lives of marginal farmers who are the backbone of our agriculture system. I wish all the very best to team for future endeavor.

    Dr. Devanand Fulzele
  • Now farmers are eagerly looking forward to a new technology called SNIPR developed by BioPrime AgriSolutions. This revolutionary technology is surprisingly a most effective spin off, for this company, which is enjoying a mentoring by Birac -DBT, Venture Center, Start-up India, Government of Telangana and many more. This SNIPR technology is highly effective, affordable and most importantly totally natural/biological in nature. I am definitely endorsing the product by looking at all the merits and wonderful test results obtained by the company. I am sure that this technology will be a boon for the farmers and ultimately for the nation.

    Prof. N. P. Malpathak


We help you increase your crop revenues by providing solutions to combat Climate Change, fight Diseases & Stress and increase yield by using our Innovative Biological Technology Platforms
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